Pause, Scrolling Forward in Netlfix on Media Center

After about 2 days, Media Center updated and offered me the Netflix tile. On first click, it requires you to shell out to a browser and install both the Netflix app and Microsoft’s Silverlight.  It takes a while, but it is worth the wait.  After entering your Netflix user/password, the Watch Instant watch portion of your queue is available.

The integration with the Media Center controls is great!  One of the problems with Netflix via a browser was you could not use your remote control effectively.  But with the new Netflix “native” media center, you can pause, jump forward or back. 

One of the best features is the pause, scroll forward.  This is identical to what you can get on the Roku box from Netflix. You have the ability while paused to press your right (or left) button and navigate as far forward in the movie as you wish.  The “five window” scrolling view is a great way to see where you are. 

The only downside is the re-buffering once you want to play again.  It takes approximately 3 seconds on my DSL service.  Not bad.  In fact, pretty kick @ss.

Netflix is the best thing that has happened for Microsoft’s Media Center.  Let’s hope Hulu and other streaming services follow with similar native tiles using a similar interface.

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